Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning Ipswich

Grease trap maintenance in the Ipswich area


Your plumbing has a variety of methods for dealing with normal liquid waste. However, fats, oils and greases collect on pipe lines, resulting in clogs and waste backup.

To minimize clogging, many commercial systems feature a grease waste trap or grease interceptor that allows for the separation and collection of these thick substances. They slow the water flowing from the drain, allowing the grease time to cool, coagulate and float to the top. The remaining water then passes freely through the rest of your system.

Your grease trap needs proper maintenance to operate efficiently. Smaller kitchens require manual shovelling and vacuuming to remove accumulated fats and greases, while larger commercial establishments must have professional haulers to pump out the remaining oils. In either case, you can count on SRS Liquid Waste Service to clean your grease trap in the Ipswich area.

Our Convenient Services

We offer a broad range of services to Ipswich residents. Our fully licensed and insured specialists can legally dispose of your waste and help your grease trap function smoothly. Please visit our equipment manufacturer’s website @ to view more equipment.

In addition to cleaning your grease trap, Liquid Waste Services offers a broad range of services across the greater Ipswich area. As a fully insured and licensed specialist, we are able to offer a professional service with legal disposal of all your waste for Grey Water Pumping, Septic Tank Cleaning, and general Sludge Removal.